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Objectives - MS Project 2010

* Track the actual progress of tasks * Updating a Project * Compare baseline data to actual and scheduled data * Viewing a Network Diagram * Earned Value Overview

Once the project starts, it's time to begin tracking the actual progress of tasks and resources. Tracking is the process of gathering and entering task information into the schedule. You can track progress by entering all or some of the actual information.

In the previous lesson, we complete our scheduling and resource assignments. For this lesson, we will assume our project is underway and that several tasks have either finished or are partially finished. We will then determine if our project is behind or ahead of schedule.

Tracking Progress

Before we can begin tracking progress, the project schedule should be fully developed and a baseline plan should be set. Once work begins, progress should be tracked throughout the project. The more often we update the information, the easier it is to identify problems and take corrective action.

When actual information is entered, the project is automatically recalculated. For this reason, task progress should be entered starting at the top of the task list and continuing down the list.

There are three types of dates stored for each task:

Scheduled: Tasks that haven't started yet or are in progress.
Actual: Tasks that are in progress or are completed.
Baseline: Originally planned dates. These dates are used to compare the original plan with the actual dates and scheduled dates. Baseline dates do not change.

There are five types of actual data that can be entered in MS Project:

Actual start and finish dates
Percentage completion
Actual duration and remaining duration
Actual and remaining work
Actual and remaining costs

Our project was scheduled to begin on…...

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