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The following summary is written to report and explain the results of the Bias Test. This test was taken in order to complete assignment instructions for the course General Psychology PSYC1003.

Bias Summary The biases do not represent how I perceive myself because in terms of the Gender-Career IAT that I do not think that male should be with the family. The way in which I have been brought up is that male is to go out into the working world and earn an income in which he can support his family while the female can contribute to the income if she chooses to do so. Whether this I right I do not know but this is my experience in my household while being brought up. I believe things are changing in today’s current society where there is more equality in the world but I don’t believe this bias test is correct with these results. The biases in the African America- European American IAT do not represent how I perceive myself because the tests show that I have a strong preference for European Americans rather than African Americans. I can’t see how I would have this opinion when I come from a mixed background. Brought up with one side of my family being mainly European and one side being mainly African with mixed parents I cannot understand as to how the bias test suggests that I have preference towards one or the other. The only thing that I think could affect my bias is that I was in a bit more contact with the European side of my family as a young child from about 2-6.
Because of my Christian worldview, my results are not affected because as a person who is learning about Christ every day and hasn’t got enough knowledge about Christ and the Christian point of view so I cannot speak from that sense.

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