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Alia Bacchus Case 2
1. How would you describe the household dog food market?
Household dog food market is split up into three categories which is dry foods, canned foods, and treats. 95 percent of dog owners feed their dog’s dry food during a year and dry food takes up 60% of the dollar sales. 33 percent of dog owners feed their dogs canned food and 80 percent treats. Canned food and treats each take up to 20% of annual dollar sales. There are five companies that sell dog food Nestle Purina Petcare, Iams, Hill’s pet nutrition, Masterfoods USA, and Del Monte Foods. These companies account for 75 percent of dog food sales.

2. In which dog food category will Breeder’s mix compete for customers? Why?
Breeder’s mix will compete for customers in the frozen food section because this dog food will be sold refrigerated. Customers will now have to adapt to going into the frozen food section next to people food to also buy their dog food.

3. What is the target market for breeder’s mix?
The target market for breeder’s mix will be single people and married people between the ages of 21 to 54 with a household income greater than $25,000.

4. How might Breeders Mix be positioned in the dog food market?
To create unique and good selling positions, the firm studied the markets to understand their preferences, needs and other characteristics. Creative directions were also used to ensure that the product focuses on the identification and attention of this product. Brand name is prominently displayed in various newspapers. Special interest ads in sports, society, dining-out and television will also be featured in different places.

5. What is a reasonable sales forecast for Breeder’s Mix based on your recommended target market and marketing mix?
I believe a reasonable sales forecast for breeder’s mix will be about 2 million because…...

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