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Weekly Vocabulary Exercise: Body Systems

Complete the worksheet according to the following guidelines:

In the space provided, write each term’s definition as used in health care. You must define the term in your own words; do not simply copy the definition from a textbook.
In the space provided after each term’s definition, provide an explanation that illustrates the importance of the skill, concept, procedure, organization, or tool to which the term refers. In your explanation, you may wish to consider the following:

o How has it influenced health care? o Why is it important to understand the appropriate application of the term or concept?

Save the completed worksheet as a Microsoft® Word document with your name in the file name.
Submit the file to your facilitator.

Note. You must define 20 terms involved in human body systems in this worksheet. Therefore, in addition to the terms already provided for you below, finish the additional spaces on the worksheet with terms from your reading or discussion you were not previously familiar with and had to research.

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|Term |Definition in your own words |Use the term in a sentence as it applies to the health care |
| | |industry. |
|Circulatory system |The system of the body that is responsible for |As you breathe, you circulatory system begins to transport |
| |transporting the good (water/nutrients) throughout|oxygen throughout your body cells. |
| |the body and transporting out the bad (waste) |…...

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