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Case Analyses: Bob’s Meltdown
1. What is the key problem with the case?
The key problem in the case is that Bob, regardless of the reason, degraded company policy. The band office has a strict “Respect for the Individual” policy and Bob verbally attacked Donna in the hallway in front of his other coworkers. Yes, Bob was under a lot of stress from both work and home but he should have found a healthy outlet to relieves the stress and confronted Donna in a professional manner.
2. Identify and briefly describe three courses of action you would take in addressing the problem?
Fire Bob:
Because Bob did not follow, company policy and lashed out verbally at another coworker the Chief needs to let Bob go. The reason for this is that if the situation is not handled appropriately then other employees will not take the policy seriously In addition to the policy not being followed employees will not take their job seriously because they assume they can get away with their improper actions. The reason for this is that the other band offices will lose respect for authority members because of their lack of consistency with other staff members

.Send Bob on a leave of ambience:
Sending Bob on a leave of ambience will be very beneficial for both him personally and the Band Office. The reason for this is that it would allow Bob to relieve stress by either professional or personal ways, such as anger management. By Bob leaving, he will be able to get healthy mentally and heal from all the negative effects stress has had on him. By using this method, the Chief will be able to make an example out of Bob but also allowing him another chance. Bob is very cuticle to the flow of the company and allowing him stress leave would allow Bob to learn from his mistake.
Terminate Donna:
Although the Chief recruited Donna to help bring new ideas, she overstepped her boundaries by going…...

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