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Smith Family Tree: Background information
By: Sidney O’Neil
Judy Smith:

□ Age: 42 □ Married to James Smith

Medical Interventions: □ Vaccinations □ While pregnant Judy had routine ultrasounds and amniocentesis but refused other testing. □ Amniocentesis during her 16th week of pregnancy □ Chromosomal analysis of baby’s genes (karyotype) □ Regular weight, blood pressure, and glucose checks during pregnancy □ uses a marker analysis to find out if she has and inherited altered genes that cause breast cancer (BRCA2 mutation) □ Routine cancer screenings

Other Information: □ Blood type; O+ □ Slightly over weight □ Walks 2 miles every day □ works as a dental hygienist □ Vigilant about proper parental care □ at risk of developing breast cancer □ Had blood tested to be a possible donor for Diana Jones (sister)

James Smith:

□ Age: 41 □ Married to Judy Smith

Medical History: □ Vaccines □ Routines cancer screenings

Medical interventions: □ None

Sue Smith:

□ Age: 18 □ Daughter of James and Judy smith □ Sister to Mike and Carter Smith

Medical History: □ Mild asthma □ Broken ankle (age 11) □ Bacterial meningitis (neisseria meningitis bacterial infection)

Medical Interventions: □ Had infant vaccines □ Diagnostic test of sues blood, urine, and lymph as well as a DNA sequencing (BLAST) to diagnose her bacterial meningitis □ Took ibuprofen for headaches when she had early symptoms of bacterial meningitis □ ELSIA testing □ Antibiotics for bacterial meningitis □ Visit with audiologist to have hearing checked □ Routine cancer screenings □ Had a blood test to see if she…...

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