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Bill Brady Case Analysis I. Identify and describe the situation or problem

A. What are the critical issues in this case? 1. The critical issues are the changes within the organization 2. Bill Brady not being moved up in a higher position and his ideas not being taking in consideration B. What individual or group behavior factors are issues? 1. Bill became angry when Ben brought in new people into the organization C. Who or what appears to be most responsible for the communication problems? 1. Tom Wintersfield seems to be the most responsible for communication problems D. Are the principal individuals good communicators? 1. No, because anyone can be a good communicator by talking 2. Being mindful of words and tone and try not to take it personally E. What are the major organizational strengths? weaknesses? 1. Strengths are to gradually reduce staff through attrition, productivity, appraisals 2. Weaknesses is when Tom felt that the plan Bill came up with was overly ambitious and too expensive

II. Develop alternatives and test the reality of possible solution

A. What should be done based on your analysis? 1. Everyone needs to come together and reevaluate what works best for the organization 2. People that has work there the longest take their feedback and ideas under consideration B. Are the people involved willing to change? 1. Since there are new employees they are willing to change 2. Bill maybe willing to change if his opinion’s and plans are recognized C. Which theories, principles or practices support your choices? 1. System theory because communication can occur among departments and adapt to environment change

III. Propose solutions and suggest implementation plan A. Determine a timetable for implementation 1. Prioritize goals when it comes to…...

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