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A business venture
In our competitive entrepreneurial world today, it is always refreshing to see that amidst our everyday hustle and bustle, there are quite a number of business entrepreneurs who stand out most prominently above others.
Joseph McAlman and his wife jointly operate the popular Gee Qu Barber Shop and Hair Tech Salon located on North Road between Wellington and King Streets. Described as a ‘two fold’ business venture, this unique combination of cosmetology courses and cosmetology services include that of hair care, manicure and pedicure; as well as a means for young and interested persons to benefit from the six to eight months training in cosmetology, which is done at the North road premises. For this dynamic duo, customer satisfaction is the key. They offer economical prices, with a friendly and people-oriented environment.
Having been in existence in Guyana for fifteen years, this venture came to fruition through hard work and determination and most importantly through two people’s complementary skills. In reminiscing about the days past, Mr. McAlman stated that because of the shared interest in grooming and cosmetology between him and his father, he developed an interest in the art of beautifying and caring for oneself. With a very humble start, involving rental of premises and a need for independence, a working business plan was created in order to achieve their goals. This working business plan saw the creation of a two year business focus, which led to the procurement of their premises. Over the years, the focus was increased gradually to three then five years. This he believed was a necessity for any business to be successful because according to him- “without a plan you just go where the wind leads you.”
As the talk turns to the challenges he faced and still faces, it is evident that the success of any business will have challenges once…...

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