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A long time ago, particularly in Malaysia, there were 2 little 5 year-old fellas named Christine and Johnson who loves to play witch each other on the backyard of their house because they were simply a neighbor and they share the same interests which is they love to play with the garden mud. They went to the same school, same tuition class and they become a so close best-friend or people said it as ‘brother from another mother’.
(….. insert convo)
But sadly, there’s one day when christine’s parents decided to immigrate to the neighborhood country which is Singapore because of the working requirements. That time, they were only 10. Christine left no conversation and information to Johnson because it’s so sudden.
Years passed by, 10years later, they accidentally met each other in a random café in Singapore because Johnson are having his short vacation is Singapore, and that time Christine is also having her gossip talk with her international friends from the university she is studying. It was so reminiscing that they were so excited to talk about have they have been doing and how they have changed because of the culture in their own country they are currently living. Even her university’s friend is also blend in their conversation about they childhood too.
(...insert convo)
And after the conversation, they decide to write down each other contact number, facebook, instagram, whatever you can say, just to make sure they won’t lose contact with each other…...

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