Best Places to Visit in Bahrain

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Best Places to Visit in Bahrain
Bahrain is widely known in the world for being an outstanding tourist destination and one of the most toured nations in the Middle East. It consists of both the modern and ancient Arab culture. It contains many historical destinations which reflect about five centuries ago of the Bahrain civilization.
The climate in Bahrain is precisely hot and dry during the summer time with low levels of wind moving towards Bahrain across the Persian Gulf, through the Zagros Mountains.
There is no consistency as far as the rainy season is concerned. Rain mostly occurs in the winter season. Scuba diving, bird watching and horse riding are some of the activities that tourists experience in Bahrain
In this article though, we shall explore some of the best places in Bahrain that I think is worth to visit.
Bahrain world trade center, Manama
Truly is say to you! The Bahrain world trade center is the most dramatic and interesting modern pillar in the world. It rises up to 787 feet above the ground. It is basically two-twin towers building that are connected to one another by sky bridges. It is has 50 stories. There exist three wind turbines that are strategically located inside the two sky scrapers. They provide lightning to over 300 houses.
This inspiring building won two prestigious awards for having the best architectural design.
Bab AL Bahrain, Manama
Bab Al Bahrain is one of the most stunning markets in the whole of Manama. It has hundreds of stalls lined selling fruits and veggies, crafts and clothes. It is also historically known for selling pearls and gold. The entrance into the market is basically an arched gate with elegant and beautiful fountain at the front. The whole scenery gives a perfect picture of what true beauty should look like. There are many luxury hotels that are found near the market.
Al Khamis Mosque, Tashan
In the 7th century the…...

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