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7 OCTOBER 2015
Nau’s methodology for operating business is an impressive one as they have made the environmental and social factors a part of their business strategy. This can facilitate them in capturing markets since their products promote a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating these elements in all departments, Nau’s portrays an image of sustainability and social friendly environment while providing it with the opportunity for cost cutting.
Yes, Nau’s approach is evidence of the fact that it is being responsible with respect to the environment and is carrying out its operations in an ethical manner.

The steps taken by Nau are amazing they have chosen a very good strategy for running their business. At Nau Social and environmental factors are considered as one of the most important portion of their strategy. This can prove to be very beneficial for the company in the long run as they can acquire a larger chunk of the market as compared to their competitors because Nua promote a healthy life style. The above factors give this company competitive edge and also the opportunities for cost cutting. The way Nau is crying out its business provide evidence that their practices are ethical and they are keeping in consideration the well-being of society and environment.

Nau’s approach is less likely to have a limited appeal as the company has taken measures to customize their products according to performance and appeal. The company follows a code of conduct which also adds to the integrity of the business. The ‘Web Front’ concept and the pledge to submit 5 percent of sales also contribute to the popularity and staying power of the business.
Limited in-store inventory and online purchase being the only option for customers may cause problems for…...

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