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Because it is running by – essay
“Because It Is Running By” is a short story which was published in 2009 by Jo Lloyd. It is a short story because there are few people in it, it is short, the action is simple, realistic and it has an open ending.
This short story is about Wil who is in a place in his life where he has to choose where he wants to be and he has to let the past go.
The main character in the story is Wil who lives with his mother. (Page 1, line 8): “The B&B’s the only thing making money, his mother had said. We just need the weather, he had said, the veg’ll pick up”. Wil does not like changes and in the start he is sceptical about the new helper Edie. Wil and his mother’s lives “stopped” when Wil’s father died. (Page 1, line 14): “The guests had breakfast in the room that used to be the family sitting room. […] Wil had hardly been in that room since the B&B started.”
(Page 1, line 25): “Sometimes, on her way out, she’d see Wil working in the field, planting, digging, stacking boxes of veg into the back of the old van”. It sounds like Wil is a person who works hard and maybe he tries to take over his father’s role. It is not mentioned that Wil has other siblings and maybe that is the reason, why he wants to have the father role. Wil’s father died when he was sixteen and it is the age where you have to find yourself.
Edie from London is very different contrary to Wil. In the start she is turned inwards but he tries to make her outgoing. (Page 2, line 44): “I suppose it is”. She has a cold front. Wil tries to make her smile. (Page 2, line 74): “You should smile more, he said”. This quote tells us that Wil wants her to smile more and that he wants to represent as a smiling person but ironically he is not a happy person. (Page 5, line 166): “Never been abroad. Never been on an aeroplane. I’m just a fucking peasant”.
(Page 5, line 82-83):…...

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