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Bayonne Packaging, Inc.
HBS brief case 4420

March 5, 2013
Gulcin Askin
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Kivanc Ozuolmez
Peter Tempelman


The answers in this report relate to the questions given in the document ‘Case 1: Bayonne Packaging,
Question 1: Operations Performance of Bayonne Packaging
1A. How would you define the Operations Strategy of Bayonne Packaging?
The operations strategy of a company is the prioritization of the five key performance measures: cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility.
The president of Bayonne Packaging, Inc. indicates that the problems of the company are: they have incurred their first losses since 2001, there are complaints about quality and they are delivering late more often. The other department managers, except for the absent Finishing department manager, also indicate to the new vice president of operations that they have problems in their departments that relate to the performance measures dependability, quality and speed.
Based on the priorities given by the key personnel of Bayonne Packaging we have determined the operations strategy of Bayonne Packaging to be as follows (key performance measures in descending order of importance:
1. Dependability
2. Quality
3. Speed
4. Costs
5. Flexibility
1B. How can Bayonne Packaging, Inc.’s Operations & Supply Chain performance be quantified?
Per Key Performance Measure we have determined the following ways to quantify the performance.
• Percentage of full (i.e. not partial) deliveries that is on time per time period
• Average delay time of an order for the customer per time period
• Down time per machine as a result of poor maintenance per time period
• The percentage of goods rejected by Quality Control per time period
• The percentage of goods rejected by the customer…...

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