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October 2, 2015
Dr. Joe Apple
Business Communications
The University of Alabama

Dear Joe Apple:

Warranty Request for iPhone5

Your request for a warranty coverage on your iPhone5 has been reviewed by the Apple Care Support Team. Apple Care is now aware of the water damage to your phone. We will do everything within our guidelines to keep you as a satisfied customer with a working phone as quick as possible.

As stated in the Apple Care Insurance plan that you read and signed the day you purchased your phone, Apple Care for iPhones will provide hardware repair and support coverage for two years starting from the original purchase date. After carefully reviewing your information and history with the Apple products you have purchased, we find that your Apple Care warranty has expired on August 20th of this year. Had you made your warranty request prior to the deadline date, we would have gratefully replaced your iPhone5 with a brand new one. Unfortunately, however we were notified that your two year contract has expired, so we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the new iPhone6 for the reduced cost of $199.

We, the Apple Care Support Team are very grateful for you being a loyal customer to Apple and always making payments in a prompt way. We value and respect you for understanding and accepting our Apple Care Insurance plan and hope that you take our advice in purchasing the new and improved designed iPhone6.

John Smith
John Smith
Apple Care Support…...

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