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Discuss in scholarly detail the characteristics of automated decision support (ADS) systems. Also provide an example of a process that can be supported by an ADS system.
In this fast paced economy where decisions have to be made quickly to meet the requirements of the market, managers need more than just enterprise data at hand. Although, humans can never be replaced by technology but there are some decisions to repetitive tasks in an organization that may not need a human intervention. “Decision automation is a deceptively simple and intriguingly complex concept. On the surface, the idea is that a computer program is making decisions. A decision automation system is not a decision support system. Rather a decision automation system eliminates the need for a human decision maker in a programmed decision situation. Business rules and programmed instructions are triggered by events and contingent choices are made. The greatly expanded and evolving computing infrastructure makes it increasingly cost effective to apply decision automation in situations where that had been prohibitively costly” (Dan Power, 2011).
Automated decision support (ADS) systems are basically rule-based systems that automatically provide solutions to repetitive managerial problems. In implementing the ADS systems, organizations use business analytic models to create business rules that are used to trigger the automatic decisions.
Business rules are the criteria used for taking a decision. For example, in a simple inventory control system, the application is programmed to trigger a re-order for any specific item once the in-stock level of that item drops to a certain level. Similarly, many business rules are captured from the managers’ day-to-day routines and then some of them are used for building an automated decision system. These business rules can be part of expert systems or other…...

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