Audit Proposal

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Audit Proposal
ACC/542 Accounting Information Systems
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Audit Proposal
Kudler Fine Food has expanded their business and has updated their computer systems to meet demands. As IT information is adopted within the organization, automation control processes have become more virtualized. To ensure that KFFs computerize systems function properly an audit must be performed on an annual basis. Management at Kudler Fine Foods wants to see the proposed audit schedules for all systems. Management wants to know the types of audit and how they will be conducted. In addition, management would like to know about events that might prevent reliance on auditing through the computer. There are four types of IT audits: attestation audits, findings and recommendations audits, SAS 70 audits, and statement auditing standards (SAS) 94 audits. During an attestation audit, the auditor provides assurance the client is responsible for something. After the responsible party makes the assertion of a letter to the auditor, the auditor begins the audit of the company. The auditor examines, reviews, or performs an agreed-upon procedure (AUP) and provides a written report to the responsible party on their findings. The AUP report is usually a negative assurance report stating what it was asked to do and any findings to provide feedback to the user.
The SAS 70 audit stands for the “State on Auditing Standards No. 70”. The SAS 70 audit is performed by a CPA firm and a data security expert with experience in network security and data center (Online Tech, 2009). A type 1 audit is performed for a specific date and a type 2 audit is performed for a specific period of time. The first step of a SAS 70 audit is the company prepares a list of claimed controls. The auditor visits the company,…...

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...Audit Proposal Tonja Wallace Georgia State Accounting Information Systems ACC 542 Deborah Johnson September 06, 2010 Audit Proposal Our firm has been working with Kudler Fine Foods for several weeks implementing a new accounting information system (AIS) that will assist with the process of payroll, inventory, accounts receivable and payables along with the daily sales. The current AIS that have been implemented will address the systems integrity and the new system will help KFF to ensure that the data is accurate and reliable for the preparation of the financial statements for the organization. Now that the new accounting information system has been set up it is now time to perform an audit of KFF internal controls. In order to do this we will take a look at the different types of audits that maybe used for each process. Then recommend the audit that will most fit the needs of KFF as well as give an explanation of how the audit will be conducted. KFF will also be informed of events that might prevent the reliance on auditing through the computer. An audit for IT involves evaluating the computer’s role for achieving audits and control objectives. These audits look at the components for the AIS for the users, procedures, hardware, software, data communications and the database. According to Bagranoff, Simkin, and Norman (2008) there are four main types of IT audits and they are attestation, findings and recommendations, SAS # 70 and last but not least SAS......

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