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Shahriar Abachi Physics & Astronomy

Sec 02: M 11:00–1:45 & Sec 06: Tu 2–4:45

OFFICE HOURS: W 2:50–3:20, 4:50–5:30 HSCI-272a
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course comprises an introduction to techniques of Astronomical measurement and analysis of Astronomical data. Emphasis will be on understanding how scientific knowledge is constructed, i.e. answering the question: how do we know about the universe? Students will perform hands-on measurements, observations, and exercises in data analysis relating to the solar system, stars, galaxies, large-scale structure of the universe, and cosmology.
REQUIRED TEXT: Astronomy Lab Manual, Kim Gordon, 4th edition
REQUIRED MATERIALS: Notebook, Scantron forms (882E, ES), scientific calculator
GRADES: The following provides the areas that grades will be assigned for the class:
Each Lab Reports
Final exam

20 points – for a total of 240 points
80 points – consisting of 15–30 multiple choice questions
50 points

Grand Total

370 points






QUIZZES: A Quiz is given at the beginning of each session asking you about the Lab of that day.
GENERAL RULES: Eleven Lab sessions are planned. Preparation, on-time arrival, presence, participation, and lab reports are required. Late arrival or lack of participation may result in a 10%–50% reduction in grade or a zero for that lab or even more serious consequences. Students are expected to show up in the lab well prepared. Preparation consists of carefully reading the lab manual and understanding all the aspects of the scheduled lab so that you can participate fully. You will be tested for your preparation by the quizzes.
Each lab group should consist of two students. One or three in a group are undesirable, but may be permitted by the…...

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