Assault Weapons Ban

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Assault Weapons Ban
Within the past few years there has been several mass shootings with in the United States like Sandy hook and Columbine. These crimes were done assault weapons, due to these crimes the proposal of an assault weapons ban is being brought up. This interests me as an active gun owner and activist. But with as much of an unbiased view I look for the answer. Should there be a ban on assault weapons? The most popular method for attempting to reduce violent crimes would be gun control. The idea for an assault weapons ban is on the rise.
The recent proposal of an assault weapons ban is not the first within the U.S. Back in 1994 there was a federal assault weapon ban (Warrick). This ban was eventually repealed in 2004. This previous ban banned military style weapons with high volume magazines.
With the thought of these bans brings up a question, is it constitutional for these bans. The second amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. But with this right comes restrictions, it doesn’t mean that a citizen can waltz around with a firearm anywhere they please. Also there are restrictions on who can and cant own certain or any fire arms like felons and the mentally ill (Kelly).
With the idea of gun control and assault weapons bans it’s to reduce the frequency of violent crimes committed with firearms. This comes from the idea that firearms are a more dangerous and lethal weapon compared to other possible weapons. But gun use and possession is a double edge sword, for one a user or someone with the possession of a firearm may attack others, but on the other hand the same person can detour attacks from others with this weapon (Kleck).
The argument also arises of the second amendment. With being so old and veg should the second amendment still be used and in place. Also does the second amendment protect the right to own such weapons…...

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