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Providing an initial timeline will provide direction for the project throughout the life of conception to implementation. Critical questions and concepts are identified in this section.
Planning (Completed)
The planning phase outlines the system proposal in very broad terms. In essence we have outlined upcoming steps in ultimately reaching a final system design.
Status: Complete
Included in the Planning phase:
· Conduct initial feasibility report
· Establish business and marketing requirements
· Identify and diagram As-Is State
· Propose a Should-Be State and diagram
· Establish an initial timeline
· Identify critical questions and considerations for the analysis section
Analysis (October - November)
The purpose the analysis section is to understand where and why there are gaps in the system. These gaps could be organizational, technical, or both. To better understand the current state the analysis section should be divided into two parts: organization exploration and technical analysis.
Estimated Timeframe: October-November
Organization analysis: in this section of the analysis we want to examine why or why not employees might chose to adopt a program. To approach this question Boston Scientific should model their analysis off of traditional Market Research methods. The most relevant research types are:
· Exploratory Research – the purpose of exploratory research is to determine if there is an opportunity for change. o Secondary data collection is an inexpensive means to better understand the scope of a problem. This might include researching and evaluating successful idea-share website (i.e. TedTalks, Vice, Kickstarter, SkillsShare). The Boston Scientific team could draw some meaningful insight from this type of research o Interviews with employees might help researchers better…...

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