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Applying Usability Concepts
Project Report
Executive Summary
Following our contextual design project, for the purposes of recruitment, we have prototyped the interview screens in the iPad application. More importantly, the mobility gained by the use of AnyBot amplifies the benefits of the application as a whole as well. We have attempted to use technologies and apply Norman’s concepts on usability to produce an interview session as close as possible to the natural way of interviewing another person.
Selected Focus Areas from project “Recruitment Tool – Intelliview”

We have selected the following 2 focus areas from our contextual design project to prototype for usability purposes:

Focus Area#1: Record Answers & Ratings (for a specific question)

1. (Interviewer) Select a question, and ask the candidate
2. (Candidate) Answer question using the AnyBot
3. (Interviewer) Enters a summary of the candidates answer in the iPad
4. (Interviewer) Enters a rating of the candidates answer in the iPad for the particular question
5. (Interviewer) Select next question from list, to ask the next question
6. (Interviewer) Select Add new question to record a colleague’s question

Focus Area#2: Add questions from colleagues

1. (Interviewer) Adds a new question one of the colleagues asked the candidate, driving the AnyBot to the iPad application
2. (Interviewer) Add answers and rating to the new question in the iPad application
3. (Interviewer) Select next question from list to ask the next question
4. (Interviewer) Select Add new question to record a colleague’s question Prototype #1

Figure 1 - Prototype #1, Focus Area #1: Record Answers & Ratings for a Specific Question

Figure 2 - Prototype #1, Focus Area #2: Add Questions From Colleagues
Assumption: The operation of this application relies on the availability and proper operation of the video and…...

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