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September 25, 2013
Rough Draft After reading “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women”, by Jennifer Mclune, an individual associated with some things stated would really think twice after reading. Jennifer gave her knowledge on how hip hop will fail if what is going on continues. The women grew up negative environments, and they don’t tear down the quality of men as they do to them.bbrown During the article, Mclune gives the audience multiple reasons why hip-hop has become so negative over the years. Also explained is how some women do not make the terrible situation any better to the culture in some cases. A ‘socio-economic” explanation is given y Kevin Powell, author of “Notes of a Hip-Hop Head.” Within a few statements, the article begins to give very descriptive issues. Hip-Hop has progressed overtime by using hatred towards women as a way of entertainment. Occasionally, women will show that there must not be any caring about the hatred. Jennifer Mclune provides and example saying “Hip-Hop owes it success to the ideology of women hating.”(Mclune 5) by saying that , she is letting the audience know that the only reason Hip-Hop has made it so far is because of their women hating lyrics. How does one top such a problem? Hip-Hop has came a long way from the way it was first begun. You would think that these “so-called conscious artists” would care about their acceptance into the music industry enough to not be so crucial. The women artists aren’t the ones abusing the qualities of men in their songs. Sing the men decide to disrespect the quality of a woman so much in their songs, the women are forced to be no better than them just to take some of the pressure and hatred away from them. By male hip-hop artists being so violent with women in their lyrics, some actually go on thinking that they actually are like what has…...

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