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Angela’s Ashes: 5 Comments/ Questions

1. Why is the title of the book Angela’s Ashes?

The title of the book is called Angela’s Ashes because it represents Angela’s struggles in raising her family and the problems she has to overcome to keep her children from starving. Angela’s Ashes can also be the death of her children, the fireplace she put on every day, and the ashes from her woodpines.

2. Why is Angela’s mother so cruel to Angela, her husband, and her children?

Angela’s mother is so cruel to Angela and her family because she may not like that her daughter married a man from the North with an odd manner and had children with him. She feels like she is paying for her daughter’s mistakes. Irish women need to be strong and can block out emotions and compassion to their children even though she gave birth to them.

3. Why didn’t the nun allow Frank and Patricia to talk to each other and keep each other company while they were trying to go through their sickness in the hospital?

The nun did not allow Frank and Patricia to talk because maybe she thought they would like each other and approach one another in a sexual manner since they were a boy and a girl or she might have feared they would catch each other’s sickness.

4. Why does Angela sleep with Laman Griffen?

Angela sleeps with Laman Griffen because she is at a moment of weakness and since she lives under his household for free she feels she has to serve him in any way he wants or he would kick her out of the house. Also Angela has been abandoned by her husband and may feel that through sleeping with Laman she is wanted and loved.

5. Why does the library in Limerick have books about human sexuality, if they look down at people who read it?

The books are only meant for people who are studying for doctors or maybe Frank put it in there to stress how censored life was in…...

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