Analyzing a Job in Preparation for a Job Posting

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Analyzing a Job in Preparation for a Job Posting
February 3, 2013

Analyzing a Job in Preparation for a Job Posting
According to Cascio [ (Cascio, 2010) ], the most common methods of analyzing a job are observation, interviews, job performance, critical incidents, and structured questionnaires. In most cases, it is necessary to use a mixture of methods because they may not be as effective un-aided. The use of an analysis helps to identify the competencies and pertinent skills required to meet the needs of a job position, and the ultimate goals of the organization or department within the organization. Job analysis aids in skill set determination, selection practices, provides appropriate classification or reclassification of positions, and sets standards for performance appraisals.
In this paper I will describe the interview process using a job analysis. My job analysis is very close to the job descriptions posted on various websites that host open jobs for the hair industry. The duties that I perform as a salon owner are similar to those for jobs in my field. For example, a duty that is listed to perform the job that I do is the ability to provide exceptional customer service. If I were interviewing a candidate for the job as a stylist I would ask for examples of what the applicant thinks exceptional customer service is. I researched three hair salons; Super Cuts, Hair Cuttery, and Great Clips.
Duty Details
The ability to provide exceptional customer service is paramount in this particular industry. After researching similar positions in the hair industry, I found that the duties are similar. Most of the duties for hairstylists are to deliver exceptional customer service while providing the full range of hair care services. The stylist are expected to control expenses, complete required administrative task, market themselves, cultivate their…...

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