Analysis of Team Experience

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Analysis of Team Experience

We are the Asian Super Team. Our name is derived from the fact that all of us come from Asia, in particular East Asia. From the beginning, I was pretty apprehensive about the team experience. My expectations were bordering on guarded caution to indifference. The reason being that out of the four syndicates I had in the first semester, only one turned out to be really fruitful and enjoyable while the other three were terrible nightmares The first synergistic syndicate experience was actually the Organisations syndicate with members from diverse backgrounds. The other three were task-driven, had little group member satisfaction and achieved only mediocre work. The initiatives to align group members and to start on tasks fell mostly on my shoulders and I was terribly disappointed by the contrast between these groups and the Organisations syndicate. Therefore, to prevent such a re-occurrence, I kept my hopes down to a minimum.

In the very first session, we established our team charter and operating norms. The team charter and operating norms are affixed in the appendix A. The 5th of July marks a momentous day in the life of the AST learning team. Basically, on the day of the Learning Team Self-Review, our learning team’s inadequateness and non-performance in some areas were exposed (A summary of the results of that review is in Appendix B). The wide range of values and low mean revealed the already obvious to most of us that our learning team was dysfunctional. In my analysis, our team lacked commitment and participation. Often a team member would voice an opinion but some team members would ignore his contribution by insisting on his own points. While we scheduled to meet on a regular basis, not everyone turned up and while the course…...

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