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“Carl’s Burgers”
Basa, Jose Raphael G.
Cruz, Elizabeth Cristiana P.
Kam, Kristia S.
Lim, Jauin Mikkei K.
Maravilla, Rica Jerene D.
Pineda, Laurice Abigail C.
So, Marian Cathleen C.

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Mr. Carlsberg S. Andres, CPA, M.Sci. in Finance

I. Statement of the Problem Alfin Fragrances, Inc. is a U.S.-based high-priced French perfume importer and marketer introducing a new line of cosmetic product, Glycel. In this new venture however, the company is unsure on how to finance the growth of this product.

In the company’s existing capital structure, they are underleveraged, which means that the firm is financing their operations and growth more with equity, which has become too costly.

The researchers have identified that Alfin Fragrances, Inc. needs another mean to finance their growth and costs in their new venture.

II. Alternatives
Based on the researchers’ findings on the financial statements of Alfin Fragrances, Inc., the following alternatives are subject for assessment:

Firstly, the company would finance its new venture and operations with external financing through a 56.83% backed-debt and a 43.17% backed-equity.

Second, by still not issuing dividends to stockholders, the company can internally finance projects, aiding in the company’s growth and an increase in retained earnings that can be used to fund the operating costs in their venture into the cosmetics industry.

Lastly, should there be excess funds, the company will provide 14.63% as capital for advertising expense to establish a market in their new product line, leading to an increase in sales and profit.

III. Assumptions

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