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Template Instructions
Purchase Order Request for Proposals (PORFP)
Cable and Wiring Materials and Services – Outside Plant
Master Contract
Section 1 – General Information
PORFP Number:
(ADPICS PO Number)
(Select one category from drop down list)

Enter the ADPICS Purchase Order (PO) number released against the Cable and Wiring Master Contract Blanket Purchase Order #
060B1400067 in ADPICS.
Select the applicable PORFP type from the drop-down list. Only one type can be selected from the following:
-Fixed Price
-Time & Materials (FA II or III only)

Functional Area/s (FA) for this PORFP:
(Check all that apply)

Designated Small
Business Reserve?(SBR):
(Select “Yes” or “No” from drop down list)
PORFP Issue Date: mm/dd/yyyy Special Instructions:
Invoicing Instructions:

Check the applicable FA or FA combination for this PORFP. Check all that apply:
FA I (Materials and Equipment)
FA II (Installation)
FA III (Testing and Maintenance)
For detailed descriptions of each FA under the Cable and Wiring
Master Contract, see “Functional Areas: Descriptions/Examples” under “quick links” on the Cable and Wiring Master Contract web site. Select “Yes” from the drop-down list to designate the PORFP for
SBR only. Select “No” if the PORFP is not designated for SBR.
Enter date the
Enter due date and
PORFP is issued to
DATE and TIME: time for Master
Master Contractors
Contractor proposals or feedback
Describe any special instructions for the Master Contractor regarding delivery of equipment / performance of services. For example, personnel must notify the POC upon arrival.
Describe any special invoicing instructions beyond those described in Section 2.18 of the Cable and Wiring RFP (See
“Contract Information” under “quick links” on the Cable and
Wiring Master Contract web site).

Section 2 – Agency Point of Contact (POC) Information
Agency / Division…...

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