Adidas in Australia

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Adidas in Australia
Adidas is a foreign company that is targeting Australia as a market destination for its sports products especial shoes and sporting attires. However, the prevailing conditions in Australia are very different from those of Germany where Adidas is based. The difference is in terms of societal, political, and economical factors. Therefore, before the organization considers venturing in Australia, it is imperative that the company considers foreign market entry strategies. Since the company specializes in sports attire, it is only considerate that the sports culture of Australia as a foreign market to the company is studied well. In addition, company should consider both political and economical factors of the Australian society. Successful businesses are premised on sound politics and economic environments of countries where they are located. The favorable the politico-economical factors of a country the success of a business and the contrary apply. However, potential alliances are also important for foreign markets and are also part of entry strategy (Walter & Murray, 1988).
The above factors affect and are important to the entry into foreign markets. For instance, political and economical factors play key roles in the foreign markets entry through factors that influence them. Licensing, which informs the key option for entry into an international market like in the case of Adidas, is influenced by both economic and political factors. For instance, licenses are part of legislations of a country. Legislations are generated through a political process and means. Therefore, political stability of a state is an important factor to explore before venturing into a foreign market. Stable political states have favorable licensing procedures that make business easy. However, instability political States faces a number of challenges that even acquiring…...

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...* 1.0 General * 1.1 Company Profile Adidas is a company that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. It is also an industry-leading brand all over the world relating with sports shoes and clothes. Its operating income is €1.011 billion in 2012 and they aims to reach the target of €2 billion in football in 2014. Its workforce is 46,306 employees according to the reports from 2012. 1.2 Purpose of this Manual Now, this manual is going to point out of their 5 years re-engineering plan including advantages and disadvantages, weakness and strength. 1.3 Scope of EMS The scope of EMS is included in most of the reputable brands and businesses which are operating using the sources of environments. So, Adidas is also taking care about the environment since their main resources are cotton and leather. The decision to have 100% ‘Better Cotton’ in their products by 2018 is a good example of this. ‘Better Cotton’ is cotton grown to social and environmental standards set by the multi-stakeholder Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). So while setting this target supports their ambitions to make their products more sustainable, the responsibility for meeting it rests with their Global Operations team and their sourcing strategy. 2.0 Policy 2.1 Analyzing the environmental policy of Adidas According to their re-engineering plan, Adidas targets in 4 major areas: 1. Recyclable Main Materials 2. Energy and......

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...stores products at and between point-of-origin and point-of-consumption. Besides, warehouse provides information to management on the status. Adidas uses leased warehouse. Adidas can have the advantage of short-term space rental while using it like a private warehouse (Lambert, Stock & Ellram 2006). When Adidas took over sporting brands Reebok and Rockport. They wanted to take chance of the efficiencies and synergies that could be achieved by consolidating inventory from five key brands, which are Adidas, Reebok, Taylor Made, Rockport and Ashworth. On the other hand, Adidas’s Northern European operations, who serve and lead retailers in the UK, Ireland and Benelux was split between four conventional warehouses by using different systems and processes with the overspill being handled by third parties. According to Total Logistics’ recommendation, they develop a concept for a 30,000 m^2 fully automated facility. This was implemented in just 18 months, including the implementation of a new warehouse management system. The procedures took into account the current requirements of all five brands. This bought out the new facility layout and requirements and the overarching Adidas warehouse management system requirements (Total Logistic 2014). Transportation Adidas is one of the global leaders in the sporting goods industry. However, Adidas needs transportation as an essential for the development of their company. Besides, transportation is one of the important ring......

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...mix 1. La politique de produit 2. La politique de prix 3. La politique de distribution 4. La politique de communication Conclusion INTRODUCTION Fondé en 1920 près de Nuremberg, Adidas ouvre la filiale française à Strasbourg en 1960 et c’est seulement en 1985 qu’Adidas tient réellement compte de la mondialisation du marché. Aujourd’hui le groupe adidas-salomon AG constitue le numéro 2 mondial sur le marché des articles de sport. Il emploie plus de 13000 salariés et possède 60 filiales à travers le monde. Le marché des articles de sport, et plus particulièrement celui des chaussures de sport, est marqué par une période de forte croissance. Les gens prenant plus de temps au quotidien pour les loisirs et autres temps libres, les chaussures de sport font partie des garde-robes de toutes les générations désormais. En effet, aussi bien utilisée pour courir le dimanche que pour sortir, la chaussure de sport est devenue un véritable bien de consommation. Les différentes marques qui proposent des chaussures de sport, mettent en place chacune des actions marketing différentes afin d’accroître leur part de marché dans le domaine des chaussures de running. Quel plan marketing pouvons-nous établir pour le marché français de la chaussure running ADIDAS ? Dans un premier temps, nous allons observer le diagnostic interne et externe de la marque. Ensuite nous nous intéresserons à la stratégie marketing de la marque. Enfin nous verrons le......

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...Case # 18 -- Adidas in 2008: Has Corporate Restructuring Increased Shareholder Value? Team and Individual Writing Assignment Please evaluate Adidas’ restructured line-up of sporting goods businesses. Your analysis should identify Adidas’ corporate strategy, evaluate the attractiveness of the industries it has diversified into and the strength of each of its business units, and assess the degree to which strategic fit and resource fit exists in the portfolio. Also, please recommend an investment priority and strategic moves to improve overall corporate performance and increase shareholder value. You must complete all parts of the assignment to receive full credit. Review the rubrics for Written Communication and Case Analysis posted with the class materials for guidance on how hour work will be evaluated. Team Presentation Prepare a 30-minute briefing for Adidas’ senior management that presents your recommendations, and provides enough explanation of your analysis for your listeners to understand why you have chosen the alternatives that you have. Study Questions 1. What is Adidas’ corporate strategy? Was there a common strategic approach utilized in managing the company’s lineup of sporting goods businesses prior to its 2005-2006 restructuring? Has the corporate strategy changed with restructuring? What is your evaluation of Adidas’ line-up of businesses in 2008? What does a 9-cell industry attractiveness/ business strength matrix displaying Adidas’ business units look...

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