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Liking Isn’t Helping
Not only is it used for keeping in touch; social media is frequently used in order to share images and raise awareness as well. However, many viewers only share or like the image without actually doing anything beneficial to the cause. Two different children with similar scenarios are displayed in the public service announcement. One child is lying on a hospital bed missing a limb. Beside him is another bed as well. The background does not appear to be like the hospitals in America, but those that we see in underprivileged nations. The other child appears to be in the middle of a flood. She is holding on to a wooden plank, using it for balance, or maybe just while she catches her breath. This child appears to be living in third world conditions as well, with the “not so average” neighborhood in her background. Surrounding both children are various thumbs up hands symbolizing the likes and shares on social media sites.
The ad, “Liking Isn’t Helping,” is effective because it brings attention to the fact that more has to be done. The image has a variety of key components, which cause it to be persuasive. The key components consist of the background, the children as the focus of the images, the black and white filter, and the repetition of the thumbs up hands.
In the background of both images third world conditions are apparent to the viewer. The child missing a limb appears to be in pain while nothing is being done to help, and the hospital background does not seem to be as good as the ones in the United States. Also, the girl caught in the flood has no one there to help her and the area does not seem suitable for a flood. If there were at least sewer drains on the street, maybe she would not be in this condition. These third world conditions cause the audience to feel bad for the…...

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