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Resources: Ch. 10 of Financial Accounting.
Complete Exercise E10-6, E10-8, & E10-18.
Complete Problem 10-3A & 10-6A.
Submit as a Microsoft® Excel® or Word document.

E10-6 According to the accountant of Ulner Inc., its payroll taxes for the week were as follows:
$198.40 for FICA taxes, $19.84 for federal unemployment taxes, and $133.92 for state unemployment taxes.
Journalize the entry to record the accrual of the payroll taxes.

E10-8 Jim Thome has prepared the following list of statements about bonds.
1. Bonds are a form of interest-bearing notes payable.
2. When seeking long-term financing, an advantage of issuing bonds over issuing common stock is that stockholder control is not affected.
3. When seeking long-term financing, an advantage of issuing common stock over issuing bonds is that tax savings result.
4. Secured bonds have specific assets of the issuer pledged as collateral for the bonds.
5. Secured bonds are also known as debenture bonds.
6. Bonds that mature in installments are called term bonds.
7. A conversion feature may be added to bonds to make them more attractive to bond buyers.
8. The rate used to determine the amount of cash interest the borrower pays is called the stated rate.
9. Bond prices are usually quoted as a percentage of the face value of the bond.
10. The present value of a bond is the value at which it should sell in the marketplace.
Identify each statement above as true or false. If false, indicate how to correct the statement.

*E10-18 Hrabik Corporation issued $600,000, 9%, 10-year bonds on January 1, 2011, for
$562,613.This price resulted in an effective-interest rate of 10% on the bonds. Interest is payable semiannually on July 1 and January 1. Hrabik uses the effective-interest method to amortize bond premium or discount.
Prepare the journal entries to…...

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