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An outstanding communicator is one who distinguishes himself by the way he uses language. He normally makes eye contact while speaking, speaks fluently, concentrates on content of the conversation and thinks before speaking. Ineffective communication is speaking or writing in a way that lost and confuse your audience. Based on physical contact and observation on the television, our Prime Minister is an excellent example of a good communicator. On the other hand, someone I know to be an ineffective communicator is a news reporter.
The Hon. Dean Barrow has good rhetoric. Numerous instances he has been confronted by the media and organizations unexpectedly and he always respond in a very clear and concise manner. Rarely would you find him stumbling over his words and he speaks fluently. On a visit to the Prime Minister I was given the opportunity to ask him questions and I can see that he thinks before he speaks, he speaks slowly yet answers quickly in simple language. The Prime Minister often uses concoction of jargonistic words arranged into convoluted sentences as an effective way of covering up ideas or answers to questions that are half-baked, obvious, or trivial which I believ is part of his communication strategy. He knows how to keep his audience attention.
Reporters often tend to be directly, impromptu and most often does not exhibit characters and behaviors that make him or her to be believed and trusted by people. Our reporters in Belize tend to be too interfering making people rejecting them or refuse to tell their story. In our daily news reporters on scene does not speak fluent English, does not get to the bottom truth of their investigation and are vague that people does not understand. They are not professional. Some of our reporters speak fast, like to talk while doing other thing which distracts their audience. Reporters need to be…...

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