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Recall a time in your work experience when your values conflicted with what you were expected to do in a particular, non-trivial management decision, and you spoke up and acted to resolve the conflict.
Last year, I was asked to support a process to offer a product on a tender, “PRODUCT A”. I did not want to support that PRODUCT A offer because even though we used to offer that PRODUCT A, it was not correct anymore as few weeks before that we had signed an Exclusive Representation Agreement to offer “PRODUCT B”, a similar product, but more advanced than PRODUCT A. The company did not want to miss the last business opportunity to offer its PRODUCT A on this last requirement of PRODUCT A by the customer.
Consider the following 4 questions and write down your thoughts and brief responses: 1. What did you do, and what was the impact?
I talked to the Board of Directors and explained that we should not offer PRODUCT A, as we had an Exclusive Representation Agreement for PRODUCT B that we must follow, respect and comply. Some members at the Board of Directors did not want to accept the idea of not offering PRODUCT A that was being asked by the customer as the company positioned it into the market and it was just going to start positioning PRODUCT B.

2. What motivated you to speak up and act?
I manage the International Business and Relations of the company and it is my responsibility and my personal interest that all parties on each relationship respect the agreements and feel comfortable and confident with each other.

3. How satisfied are you?
I am not satisfied as the Board decided to take that last chance offering PRODUCT A before starting to position PRODUCT B.

How would you like to have responded? (This question is not about rejecting or defending past actions but rather…...

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...This material is part of the Giving Voice to Values curriculum collection ( www.GivingVoiceToValues.org ). The Aspen Institute was founding partner, along wit h the Yale School of Management, and incubator for Giving Voice to Values (GVV). Now Funded by Babson College. Do not alter or distribute without permission. © Mary C. Gentile, 2010 1 Exercise: A Tale of Two Stories In your lives thus far, you have likely encountered situations at school, with friends, in jobs or clu bs, when your values conflicted with what you were aske d to do. Often it is not easy to align your own personal values and purpose with those of your clas smates, co-workers, friends, etc. This exercise is designed to help you identify and develop the compe tencies necessary to achieve that alignment. Objectives 1. To reflect on your previous experiences, successful and less so, at effectively voicing and acting on your values in your lives. 2. To discover which conditions and problem definition s empower you to effectively voice your values, and which tend to inhibit that action. Instructions 1 : Part I • Recall a time in your experiences in a summer job, an internship, a student club, a student team project, etc. when your values 2 conflicted with what you were expected to do in a particular, non- trivial decision, and you spoke up and acted to res olve the conflict. • Consider the following 4 questions and write down y our......

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