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When I think of my college search, I think of a lot of stress and a lot of time. It was a very stressful time in my life and put a lot of pressure on me to get into a good school. Education is the most important part of one’s life. Not everyone goes to college right after high school, and college is not intended for everyone. For example, some people decide to work right after high school rather than go straight into college. College is quite expensive, and some may even say it is hard. However, college is not a bad thing. It has many good qualities. For instance, college is a time where students can venture out and meet new people. I knew without a college degree I would probably be going nowhere in my life. So, I decided to go to college. There were many reasons backing my decision to go to college: I wanted to make a better life for myself. I waneted to find a job where I would not be living paycheck to paycheck, like my parents have had to. I wanted to encounter things that I never realized could even exist, and to take classes taught by passionate instructors. But most of all, I wanted to prove that I could be successful. I did not do the whole "high school experience" thing at all. During my four years in high school, I was antisocial, and spent most of my time at home. But now that I am in college, I can experience so many things that I skipped out in in high school. It was a huge dream of mine to have friends, to be social, and to really be a teenager (or a young adult). I am hoping by being in college, I will be able to experience that. Being at such a young age, I literally hold my future in my own two hands, just as my other peers do. What I decided to do now with my life is what will affect my future, my family's future, and the outcome of my life. Without a good head start on life, I don't see any possible…...

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