A Critique of “the Common App Fallacy” by Damon Beres

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1 October 2015

A Critique of “The common App Fallacy” by Damon Beres

Damon Beres, a columnist for New York University’s Washington Square News, professes his point view on the Common College Application and lists what he believes to be wrong with it. Beres presents the main bulk of his argument in a conversational tone, which has emphasis over conciseness and logic rather than fact. It is clear from the beginning that Beres’ target audience is: college students, roughly his age, who read the NYU school journal.

In his article “The Common App Fallacy,” Damon Beres blasts the Common College Application, citing how the one-size-fits-all application is ruining the college application process. With students just pointing, clicking and applying, colleges are reaping in a new application tithe, leading Beres to postulate that, “it’s a cheap, money making scheme that homogenizes applicants and schools alike.” This rapid fire, mass spamming of applications is what he believes to be pauperizing the college application process. By not engaging in a personalized search for the right college, Beres reflects that students are misappropriating collegiate stock and saturating colleges’ application slots, preventing more invested students from making the cut--shockingly to him, something Beres reasons that the College Board and colleges are indisputably extorting.

Beres’ article is most certainly intriguing, if not informative. He illustrates his points clearly and concisely, suggesting that what once was a problem a reader may have had no prior knowledge of, is now something he may wholly agree on. However, the fallacy with “The Common App Fallacy” is that the reader is left with insubstantial factual evidence. Instead, Beres relies on two “claims” and two writing flaws to educate his reader. His two claims are: 1) American…...

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