A Case Study on Women Laborers of Kilus Foundation as a Model of Entrepreneurial Government

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Final Report

Title: A Case Study on Women Laborers of KILUS Foundation as a Model of Entrepreneurial Government

I. Introduction a. Statement of the research problem

b. Research questions • What is KILUS Foundation? What are their objectives? • What are entrepreneurial methods that the members of KILUS Foundation used in order to promote effective governance in their institution? • What would be the implication of using entrepreneurial methods of the members of KILUS Foundation in the performance of government officials in the Philippine government?

c. Research objectives

The research objectives are the following: • Discuss KILUS Foundation, it objectives, goals and the working environment • To analyze the acquired data in the key informant interviews and focus group discussion • To use Feminism as a theoretical framework in order to explain the women laborers of KILUS Foundation as a Model of Entrepreneurial Government • To apply the entrepreneurial strategies used in KILUS Foundation in order to make the Philippine bureaucracy effective and efficient in serving the public • To reestablish the traditional role of women as housewives but also as productive members of the society.

II. Theoretical approach to qualitative political analysis (Marxism, Critical Theory, Feminism, Post-colonial theory, Post-modernism)

III. Method of qualitative data gathering and sources of data (KI, FGD, observation documents) IV. Findings a. KI interviews b. FGD c. Other important findings from observation and documents V. Interpretation of findings vis-à-vis theoretical approach VI. Conclusions

11 - 12, Arial,…...

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