A Case Study on the Difficulties Faced by Tm Point Kuala Selangor in Operating It Shop

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This case study will be conducted in TMpoint Kuala Selangor. I would like to identify the difficulties faced by this organization in operating it shop. As this company is a serviceoriented organization, they need to satisfy customer’s needs and wants. Sometimes, they fail to achieve due to some problems or lacking.

In this case, I will use the customer’s data of fixed-line termination and monthly statistical data on customer complain to explore the symptoms of low customer satisfaction. I also will conduct some observations in order to gather relevant data. The computer software package which is Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS student Version 14.0 for Window) will be used to analyze the data that have been gathered, furthermore to identify the major problems faced by this organization. There are some symptoms that has been identified; there are increasing number of customer complain, fixed-line termination, not well-educating the customers and shortage of worker.

When the problem has been identified, conclusion and recommendations will suggested to the organization in order to be the best service provider in the world. They need to take corrective action if they want to ensure company’s survilvalness.




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