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Operations Management


Table of Contents Introdution To 4v’s 3 Mcdonald Process 7 Inputs 7 Facilities: 8 Output 8 Quality Management 8 4v Challenges In Mc Donald 9 Dominos introduction to 4V’s 12 production process 13 Improvement 15 Conclusion 16

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Production process

Four V’s for Processes
Four characteristics of demand in particular have a significant effect on how processes need to be managed: * The volume of the products and services produced * The variety of the different products and services produced * The variation in the demand for products and services * The degree of visibility that customers have of the production of products and services.

Four V’s of processes in detail.
I. Volume
Processes with a high volume of output will have a high degree of repeatability. That means the same thing is happening over and over again. Producing biscuits, batteries or even books can be such examples.

The implications of this are that high-volume processes have more opportunities to produce products or services at low-unit cost. So, for an example, the volume and standardization of large fast-food restaurant chains such as MacDonald’s or KFC enables them to produce with greater efficiency than a small, local cafeteria or a restaurant. The implications can be even at country levels with regard to their competitiveness. Apparel industry in China, thriving on volumes is one such example.
This V is all about diversity. Processes that produce a high variety of products and services must engage in a wide range of different activities, changing frequently between each activity. They must also contain a wide range of skills and technology sufficiently ‘general purpose’ to cope with the range of activities and sufficiently flexible to change…...

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