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Study Tips

Check out WLU's Study Skills Program - resources and workshops are offered on a variety of topics, including Time Management & Procrastination and Preparing for Midterms.
If you have difficulties in handling more personal issues, such as anxiety or gaining self-confidence, or even more serious issues, you may want to contact Counselling Services. The following is a collection of tips for studying mathematics. These have been gathered from a number of sources (texts, websites, personal experience) over a number of years.
* Keys to success include desire and discipline. You must want success and you must discipline yourself to do what it takes to get success. * Keys to success include motivation and time management (rewording of the above). * Everything that you learn increases your value. * If you need help, get it! Find out what resources are available to you. * Math is cummulative - what you learn today will be used tomorrow. * Take responsibility for your education. * No two students will learn in the same way. Discover what it takes for you to learn math. * Don't expect to understand every new topic the first time you see it. Learning mathematics takes time, patience and repetition. "All mathematics is easy, once you understand it." * You must practice speaking a foreign language regularly in order to become fluent in it. Mathematics is like a language - you must practice it regularly and become fluent. * If you memorize procedures without understanding, you will soon forget the procedures. * Being a full time student is a full time job. For each in class hour of instruction, two to four hours of studying (including doing homework) should be completed. * Account for how you spend every half hour of your time for one entire week. Add up your totals for…...

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